What can you do when problems are beyond your control?

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In this video, Indian motivational speaker Gaur Gopal Das talks about dealing with problems, especially when they go beyond control. The former Hewlett-Packard engineer shares his personal experience. 

On a hot and humid day in the city of Mumbai, he decided to make lemonade to cool himself. While talking to one of his friends over the phone, he unknowingly made a mistake. The Indian lifestyle coach and motivational speaker says, “I ended up adding about five times the amount of lemon to the water than what was actually needed.“

“Some things in life can never be undone,” he says, adding that every problem does have an alternative way to overcome the issue. There may be various wrong decisions, wrong choices, wrong investments, or wrong words that have been spoken that cannot be undone. 

He says: “Not that we should not try. We should definitely give our very best. But after having done what we can, what we cannot reverse, we still keep trying.”

No matter how harsh or difficult situations get in life, there will always be some way to makes things perfect again. We should add more right things to our life to make the wrong look much smaller. “When problems seem helplessly beyond our control, rather than simply trying to remove them, let us add positivity.”

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