SBI warns customers against making these 5 mistakes or risk emptying bank account

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State Bank of India (SBI) has issued a warning for its customers. Amid rising fraud incidents, customers need to be careful. Through ATMs fraud is being done apart from online transactions. To keep bank accounts safe and secure, SBI has given some advice to its customers.

Customers should not make such a mistake during the festive season that their bank account should be empty, SBI warned its customers.

Here are 5 mistakes SBI has advised its customers not to do:

– OTP, PIN, CVV, UPI PIN should not be shared

Do not share OTP (one time password), PIN number, debit or credit card CVV number with any one, according to the State Bank. Most of the frauds are on phone calls, by asking you to change password, OTP or CVV number written on the back of your card and also warn you to block your card.

– Avoid saving bank account details in phone

Avoid saving bank account details on the phone. There is a risk of your details being disclosed by saving a bank account number, password, ATM card number or taking a picture of it, SBI said.

– ATM card details should not be shared

ATM cards should be used by you only. Do not share details of ATM cards to anyone. This can lead to details of your bank account leak.

– Online transactions with public internet should not be done

Online transactions with public devices, open networks and free Wi-Fi zones should be avoided by customers. Customer’s personal information can be leaked by doing this, According to SBI.

– These information are never asked by bank

Sensitive information like user ID, PIN, password, CVV, OTP, VPA (UPI) are never asked by SBI or any other bank.

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