Satiate your hunger pangs with this healthy treat (recipe inside)

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Hunger pangs always strike at the wrong time. And then we go ahead and munch on the first thing we see (read: chips, fried foods, biscuits etc). But it’s never too late to make a healthy switch.

To help you tide over those unwanted cravings, we have a special recipe for you that not only has the goodness of fresh, seasonal strawberries but is packed with health benefits, too!

Called Lean Frozen Strawberry Bites, Pilates trainer Radhika Karle shared how these pick-me-up healthy treats are good to “get you through a long afternoon of work”.

“Yogurt and walnuts give this recipe an extra dose of protein while fresh, seasonal strawberries pack in immunity-supporting vitamin C,” she said.

Here’s the easy recipe you ought to try!

Ingredients (makes two servings):

¼ cup – Walnuts
¼ cup – Fresh grated coconut
1 tbsp – Organic honey
2 tsp – Cold-pressed olive oil
1 cup – Fresh strawberries
½ cup – Greek yogurt


*In a blender, combine walnuts, coconut, honey and olive oil until it forms small granules.
*Grease a mini cupcake tin with olive oil.
*Press the nut mixture into each mould of the cupcake tin.
*Blend strawberries until it becomes a smoothie.
*Pour the blended strawberries into a small bowl and fold in the Greek yogurt.
*Spoon the strawberry mixture on top of the nut crust in the moulds until filled.
*Place the pan in the freezer and freeze for 30 minutes to an hour.


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