Samsung might be working on the toned-down variant of Galaxy Tab S7 – Gadgets News

Samsung might be working on the toned-down variant of Galaxy Tab S7 - Gadgets News

Samsung is reportedly working on a new upper-mid range tablet. A new leak reveals that the company might launch it as either Galaxy Tab S7 Lite or Galaxy Tab S8e.

Though the latter seems to be highly unlikely as the company usually launches the premium version of the tablets before stripping it down.

According to a report by SamMobile , the new Galaxy tablet is expected to come in Wi-Fi, LTE and 5G variants.

Also, these will carry model numbers — SM-T730, SM-T735 and SM-T736/SM-T736N respectively.

Other details about the upcoming tablet are still unknown, however, what we know as per’s report that the company might also be working on another variant of the above tablet.

Reports have suggested that Samsung might also tug along a Plus or XL variant of alleged Galaxy Tab S7 Lite/Galaxy Tab S8e.

Once again, the specs and other details about the tablet are unknown. However, it is expected to feature similar specs as the regular variant, but with a bigger display size.

Samsung has not yet confirmed anything about the upcoming tablet. Considering the company launched the Galaxy Tab S6 Lite in mid last year, we can expect that company might launch the tab during the similar time phase in 2021.

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