Google Maps may soon get a new design interface, claims report – Latest News

Google Maps may soon get a new design interface, claims report - Latest News

Internet search giant Google is reportedly working on a new user interface for Google Maps app. According to a report by XDA Developers, the company is planning a new layout that is expected to be rolled out to all users soon.

As per the report, the new layout alters the route option screen to be a “little easier to understand.” The new UI shows a top bar that only includes your starting point and destination instead of a large white bar at the top. This basically excludes driving, biking, walking, public transportation that right now appear below the bar.

These have been moved to the bottom half of the display showing travel information for each.

“The refreshed route option screen in Google Maps appears to be in testing at the moment, and it’s unclear if it’ll roll out to everyone down the road,” said the report.

Earlier this week, a report by 9to5Google claimed that Google has added the support to have Street View experience while seeing the navigation screen by adding a split-screen mode for Android users.

The report had claimed that Street View split-screen is being widely rolled out via a server-side update. However, it is not rolled out for iOS users yet.

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