Enjoy eggless macarons with this delicious recipe

Enjoy eggless macarons with this delicious recipe

Desserts are the best way to end a day. Not only do they ignite the taste buds, but also add sweetness to a boring day.

So what better than beating the Monday blues with macarons — the delicious, sandwich-like French dessert. If that has made you salivate already, then look no further as we have the perfect recipe for you.

Shivesh Bhatia, a food blogger, has shared an easy recipe that you can try today. Check it out below:


33 grams – Caster sugar
55 grams – Icing sugar
55 grams – Almond flour
37.5 grams – Aquafaba


*Before we proceed, allow us to introduce you to aquafaba, which is essentially the liquid leftover after cooking chickpeas. It has a gelatin-like consistency. In order to make it, soak chickpeas in water overnight. The next day, pressure cook them; the water level should be such that the chickpeas are fully immersed in water. Cook well and transfer to a bowl.

*Let it cool down for 10-12 hours in the refrigerator so that it achieves a gelatin-like consistency. If you want a quicker method, then you can also get stored chickpea cans and use the water as aquafaba.

*Next, sift the almond flour and caster sugar into a glass bowl. Take another bowl and whisk aquafaba. Soon, it will become a thick foamy mixture. Add caster sugar in batches and increase the speed of the whisker. Once it forms stiff peaks, stop.

*To this, add the food colour of your choice. Whisk again so that the colour mixes well. Add the almond flour and caster sugar mixture into the bowl and mix again using a spatula. But, do not mix it thoroughly as it could lead to broken macarons.

*Transfer this mixture to a piping bag with a round tip. Then pipe it on a silicone baking mat at 90-degrees. You can also use two layers of parchment paper.

*Once done, let it rest for 15 minutes and then pop it into the microwave at 140-degree Celcius for 3-45 minutes.

*Finally, make chocolate ganache using this recipe. Spread it in-between two macaron shells. Enjoy!

Would you like to try?

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