After quitting royal duties, is Prince Harry still in line of succession?

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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have confirmed they will not return as working royals.

Queen Elizabeth II wrote in a statement that Harry and Meghan’s honorary military appointment and royal patronages would be returned, Buckingham Palace informed, mentioned Independent.

Prince Harry and Meghan, who are expecting their second child, will remain “committed to their duty and service to the UK and around the world”, regardless of their role in the royal family, a spokesperson was quoted as saying by the publication.

The decision to walk away from the royal roles means the couple will no longer be receiving any public funding nor will they be able to use their HRH titles. But does that mean Prince Harry will not be in the line of succession?

Turns out, Prince Harry will maintain his current position in line to the throne, which is sixth, the publication confirms. This is because the position is based on legislation. To remove one from the list, the government would have to intervene, historian and author Marlene Koenig was quoted as saying by Royal Central.

It was in 1936 that Edward VIII abdicated from the throne so that he could marry Wallis Simpson, who was an American divorcee. However, he could do this only with an act of the parliament.

Currently, Prince Charles is first in line with his wife Camilla.

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